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Wholesale Custom Linear Monoblock Grease Filling Machine Suppliers

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Wholesale Custom Linear Monoblock Grease Filling Machine Suppliers

Linear Monoblock Grease Filling Machine

When we are focusing on the current and future, we almost can confirm that the following three types of packing machine is suitable for food sales packaging, and can be comparable to be the leading models in long history with strong vitality, namely: the vertical bag (box) molding filling sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) molding filling sealing machine, horizontal seam wrapping machine. For a long time, these three typical types of machines are important and promising in domestic and foreign markets.

Wholesale Linear Filling Machine

According to the analysis of group technology ideas, the three are more common and similar, which is conducive to unified development, and each has a special difference for your choose according to local conditions. After a comprehensive comparison,its main characteristics are as follows: packaging materials - are mainly drum type composite film, some occasions can be placed in the second straw, the third can be placed in the rib and other auxiliary parts. Packaging object - almost everything (usually including gas and liquid materials), but the third cmes with limitation. Package size -- the bag width of the first type is at least 10 mm, and the bag length can be stepless adjusted within the limited range; The latter two kinds of bag width and bag length can be stepless adjusted within the limited range, the third kind of bag length can reach more than half a meter.

Custom Monoblock Filling Machine

Packaging form - the second kind of pattern is in a wide range, such as three-side sealing bag, four-side sealing bag, double bag, self-supporting bag, brick box, roof box, etc. The first type are in the second place, the third kind is usually applied to pillow-shaped bags, some can be made into a tube-shaped bag, four-sided sealing bags. The structure combination -- fully reflects the modular junction, especially the second horizontal layout is more convenient for the configuration of functional modules (such as vacuum extraction and nitrogen filling), and the high degree of mechatronics integration greatly enhances the diversity, versatility and multifunctional integration, forming a series of products. Teleportation motion - can achieve both continuous motion and stepping motion.

Grease Filling Machine Suppliers

Sealing type -- there are many new types of sealing, such as upper end flat sealing with tearing mouth or tearing line, combination sealing with embedded box, spiral cover sealing in different parts, etc. The other two are monotonous. In addition, packaging machinery enterprises also need to see that aseptic packaging technology is spreading at an alarming rate in the fields of liquid drinks and liquid non-staple foods, and some foods with high viscosity, granule and liquid mixture, and solid foods will gradually adopt aseptic packaging in the future.

It can be predicted that by then, a variety of bags and boxes made of plastic composites will remain effective packaging containers for their continued development. Moreover, a number of types of aseptic packaging machines, whether vertical or horizontal, have been developed, are generally based on the above-mentioned leading models emerge and evolve, but the function is more perfect, the technology is more complex.


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