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Grab carton packing machine system(carton open, grab carbon packing, carton sealing)

The equipment consists of the bottle conveyor part, the carton conveyor part,the carton opener part, the Grab bottles part, the carton sealing part, the main transmission part, the pneumatic part and the electric control part.

Packaging products: bottle / cans
Packaging specification: 4x6
Packaging speed: 15-18 boxes / min (equipment speed)
Packaging form: single-chip carton package (packaging carton can be pre-loaded with plastic handle, easy to carry.)
  • YPK40H-20,YZ-CLD
  • JDY
  • 84223010

1、Carton box opener ● model: YPK40H-20

04-carton opener

1. Opening speed: 18-20 boxes / minutes
2. Carton specifications: L 950mm; W 400mm; H  580mm;

3. Machine size: L2600 * W1300 * H1900mm

☛ technical parameter:
1. Temporary stock of carton: 70~100PCS (calculated according carton thickness)
2. Machine weight: 990kgs
3. Use the gas source: 6kg / cm² 450NL / min
4. Height of the outlet table: 900~950mm
5. Size of the adhesive tape: 48-72mm (select one use)
6. Use power: 2KW
☛ Electrical Configuration:
1. Motor Liming;
2. Pneumatic elements: SMC / Yadecker;
3. Electrical configuration: frequency converter Schneider, relay (Schneider) / contactor (Schneider), etc., PLC: Schneider, color touch screen, Schneider,
4. Photoelectric sensor; SICK
5. Sucker: Swiss PIAB
1. Adopt human-machine interface control to display the action status and alarm function in real time.
2. Opening rate can be adjusted at will, (frequency converter control)
3. Safety protection function of opening the door, open the door for mechanical pause and alarm, with the indicator light flashing.
4. The material tank has no automatic warning function of the box, and no tape alarm function.
5. Carbox storage is horizontal, which can supplement empty cartons at any time, no stop, save 3. Open door safety protection function.Time, improve efficiency;
6. The structural design of this machine shall complete the packaging process of carton suction, unpacking, forming, folding and bottom sealing at one time;
7. The whole machine adopts a continuous cam system and a precise mechanical operation.

2Carton packing machine ● model: YZ-CLD


Technical parameters

1. Suitable product description:

Ø Box packaging finished product specifications of various bottle and cans of full box, box automatic packaging

Ø Box packaging specifications of various PET, PE, PP bottles full box, box automatic packaging

2. Technical specifications:

Ø Packaging speed: 18 to 20 boxes per minute (6 sets of grabs, 1 set of grabs 1 box, 6 boxes for one cycle)

Ø Specification of carton box packing finished products: Width: 160mm-480mm, length: 200-762mm

Ø Operation mode: display the Chinese screen (in English, please explain)

Ø Machine size: L4500xW15500xH1953mm

3、 Required equipment specifications:

Ø Used voltage: 3-phase, 380V 50HZ~60HZ (or designated by user)

Ø Power consumption: 2 kw

Ø Air pressure: 6.0 kg / cm2

Ø Air consumption: 800L

4. Use of the component brand:

Ø Engineering microprocessor: the PLC system

Ø Electrical components: famous brands.

Ø Electronic components: use famous brands. P + F, power supply DC24V

Ø LCD, Chinese & English display:

Ø Cylinder and solenoid valves:servo motor

Ø Conveyor belt: use the UNI-SNB series plastic steel conveyor belt

4、 Machine introduction

Ø Use of machine:

This machine is dedicated to PET bottles, horse mouth iron cans, glass bottles and other products packing, bottle type includes different bottles, nozzle bottles, seizure cover, etc.Widely used in daily chemical, beverage, food, medicine and other industries.

Ø Process Overview:

This machine has a belt conveyor to arrange the bottles neatly into six rows, five or four rows (changed according to the packaging method), the prefabricated box is transported to the packing station under the product, using the slide mechanism to accurately locate the product into the carton, the product is packed after the output at the conveyor line.

3 Automatic folding cover and sealing machine


technical parameter:

Ø Size of the carton applicable: L200-600 * W150-500 * H120-500mm

Ø Countertop height: 680-800mm

Ø Box closure speed: 8-15 boxes / min

Ø Power supply: 220V / 50HZ

Ø Gas source: 5Kg / cm ²

Ø Mechanical dimensions: L2000 * W800 * H1691mm

Ø Electric control element: OMRON

Ø Gas control element: AIRTAC

Ø Motor: state deceleration motor, power: 0.4KW

Ø Body material: carbon steel baking paint treatment


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