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Peach / Mango Fruit Juice Processing System Equipments

Peach fruit clearing machine→Heat bleaching machine→Lifting machine→De-nuclear and peeling and beating machine→low position storage tank→Screw pump→Buffer tank→Screw pump→Enzyme inactivation tank→Single-effect concentration unit group→Cold storage→Sugar pot→Emulsification blending tank→Double filter→Buffer tank→Homogenizer→Vacuum Degassing tank→ Buffer tank→UHT high temperature sterilization machine→Aseptic storage tank→filling machine →Packing machine

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一、Product display and features

1、 Fruit clearing machine

 o1-fruit clearing machine


1. The vegetable washing machine uses high-pressure water to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned to form a cleaning water column containing bubbles. The high-speed movement of the cleaning water column impacts the surface of the object to be washed. The energy generated by the bursting of the bubbles when in contact with the object will affect the surface of the object to be cleaned. An impact and scrubbing function, scrub the surface of the cleaned object, and clean the cleaned object.

In order to remove harmful substances, the cleaning machine uses a UV/03 compound disinfection system, irradiating water saturated with ozone with 254 nanometer wavelength ultraviolet light to produce the strongest oxidizing OH free radicals. The role of OH free radicals is to kill viruses. Degradation and precipitation of toxic substances; under the action of the circulating pump, the filter screen separates the floating substances, the activated carbon filter filters the finer sediment, and the filtered water returns to the water tank.

2. Features of the bubble-turning-wave cleaning machine:

Except for standard parts such as motors and bearings, the equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304/2B, which fully meets the requirements of export food hygiene. The equipment is equipped with a bubble generating device to make the material in a tumbling state, which has the effect of removing pesticide residues on the surface of the product. At the same time, an appropriate amount of medicine can be added for disinfection and fixation. Floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment, etc.

The main purpose of the bubble cleaning machine:

1. Applicable to: cleaning, soaking, sterilization and color fixing of granular, leaf-like, and rhizome products such as vegetables, pickles, peppers, fruits, and aquatic products.

2. The conveying part of the machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt, which has the characteristics of stable operation and long service life, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

3. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and convenient connection.

4. The transmission part adopts a speed-adjustable decelerating motor to make the material cleaning time adjustable.


Technical Parameters:



Machine size


Machine material

Stainless steel SUS304

Sheet thickness


Spray part

Seamless tube welding high pressure nozzle

Bubble part

Spiral drilling of seamless pipe

Conveyor motor(1set)


Circulating pump (1set)


Bubble generator(1set)


Conveyor width


Control box

Buttons, indicator lights, contactors, and thermal protectors are all made by Chint or Delixi


380V 50Hz


The whole equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant.

The equipment anchor bolts are adjustable for easy installation to the designated position.

Three-layer water filtration in the water circulation box prevents impurities from entering the cleaning tank again or damaging the water pump.

The tail is equipped with a secondary cleaning spray to ensure the cleaning effect.

The air volume of the bubble is adjustable.

Conveyor belt frequency conversion, speed and cleaning effect can be matched at will.



二、Heat bleaching machine

 02-heat bleaching machine

 The blanching machine is mainly used for blanching and blanching fragile products such as fruits, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, fruit slices, etc. It is an indispensable blanching equipment for pre-processing such as quick freezing, dehydration, and freeze-drying. The blanching machine is a blanching equipment that is often required in the color protection process of fruits and vegetables. The blanching mechanism stops the enzyme activity in the fruits and vegetables to maintain the unique fresh color of the fruits and vegetables, emit the green odor and retain the fragrance of the vegetables, and enhance the cells. The softness of it is conducive to the evaporation of water and lays a good foundation for the process requirements of the next drying and dehydration process. The blanching machine can be divided into three categories, including the split-belt blanching machine, the belt-type superheated steam blanching machine and the drum blanching machine.

The belt steam blanching machine integrates blanching and cooling. It is equipped with a unique superheated steam generator and does not require boiler equipment. Pressureless operation, safe and reliable. This machine has the characteristics of rapid deactivation, enzyme inhibition and color protection, and timely dehydration and cooling, which can be completed at one time, so that the fruits and vegetables maintain the original natural color. Through this machine, the enzyme activity in fruits and vegetables is stopped to maintain the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, emit the green odor of vegetables and retain the fragrance, enhance the softness of cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water. It is the process of the next drying and dehydration process. A good foundation is required. 


Analysis of the advantages of blanching machine equipment:

 1. The blanching machine is easy to operate and has high output. It is all made of stainless steel. The equipment is automatically temperature-controlled and has double-layer insulation around it.

2. Fast heating, high temperature, short time and other characteristics.

3. The blanching machine has the advantages of low labor intensity, high efficiency, easy operation, labor saving, and labor saving.

4. The processes of feeding, moistening, cooking, discharging, etc. can be operated continuously without interruption.

The use of blanching machines for deep processing of vegetables is an indispensable and important link in many vegetable processing techniques. At the same time, blanching machines are also necessary equipment for pasteurization and food cooking.

Technical Parameters:



Machine size


Machine material

Stainless steel SUS304

Sheet thickness


Mesh belt width


Conveyor chain plate drive motor 1 set


Whether there is insulation layer and insulation cover


8 heating tubes


Heating tube control

4 levels of control

Effective sterilization size



65-98℃  adjustable


380V 50Hz

Control box

Buttons, indicator lights, contactors, and thermal protectors are all made by Chint or Delixi


The whole equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant.

The equipment anchor bolts are adjustable for easy installation to the designated position.

High degree of automation, the temperature is adjustable within 98 degrees

The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable, and the blanching and sterilizing effect can be matched at will


三、De-nuclear and peeling and beating machine

All-in-one machine for removing nucleus and peeling and beating machine

The machine is used for de-nuclear and pulping and beating of fruit .

The residues and pulp can be separated automatically. It is especially applicable to the processing of mango and peach etc drupe fruits.

 01- De-nuclear and peeling and beating machine

1、Technical Parameters:



Capacity kg

Power kw

Machine size mm

DJ 1-0.12




DJ 1-2.5




DJ 1-4.0




DJ 1-7.5




MDJ 1-2.5




MDJ 1-4.0




MDJ 1-7.5




 2、Purpose and scope of application 

This machine is suitable for stone fruits (peach, apricot, etc.), berries (kiwi, strawberry) and pome fruits (apple, pear, etc.) that are pre-cooked and softened after core removal. Its characteristics are: pulp juice and residue (skins, seeds, nuts) are automatically separated, which can not only be combined in the production line for flow operation, but also can be used for stand-alone production. All the places in contact with materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel and high-quality edible rubber, which has good corrosion resistance, does not contaminate materials, and ensures food hygiene. This machine only needs to change screens of different specifications and adjust the lead angle of the scraper to change different beating speeds and obtain satisfactory results. This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient cleaning, safety and sanitation, continuous feeding, wide application range, etc. It is an ideal equipment for fruit and vegetable processing.


4、Main structure and principle 

This machine has two types of single-channel and double-channel models. When used for beating stone fruit (such as mango), if you use a single-channel de-core beating machine, you can remove the core by replacing it with a core-removing rotor and screen. , The skin and meat flow into the next process; Replace with the rotor of the beating structure, then peeling and beating can be achieved; Peel (first path), beating (second path); if it is used for beating berries and pome fruit, regardless of whether single path or double path is selected, the rotor can be replaced with a beating structure and it can work. When the machine leaves the factory, the rotor is equipped according to the user's requirements, and it is recommended that the user preferentially choose the coreless double-pass beater.

working principle:

The motor is driven by the V-belt to make the rotor parts rotate at a high speed, and the fruit enters the machine evenly from the feed port. The feeding blades screw the material to the beating rod, and the material is smashed under the action of the beating rod. Due to the existence of centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the material (in the form of a slurry) enter the next process through the sieve of the screen, and the core, skin, seeds and pomace are discharged from the slag pulp leaf to the slag outlet, so as to achieve The slurry and slag are separated automatically.

The aperture of the screen of the de-corer depends on the type of material. If the two structures of the double-pass beating machine are both beating structures, the aperture of the second screen is slightly smaller than that of the first-pass screen.

The direction of the aircraft is determined in accordance with the turn signs.


四、Refiner machine

 01- Refing machine 

Technical Parameters:

Number of equipment: JM-L80F split colloid mill, voltage: 3-phase/380V/50HZ

Industry: brewing industry, textile industry, paper industry, petrochemical industry, paint industry, oil refining industry, shipbuilding industry, urban construction industry, thermal power plant, ceramic construction industry, nuclear industry, sewage treatment, etc. 

Scope of application:

Food industry: vegetables, plants, aloe vera, coconut juice, pineapple milk, emulsified pig skin, chicken bone paste, chili sauce, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, moon cake filling (pie filling), butter, jam, juice, soybeans, beans Sauce, bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk extract, flavors, condiments, beer, vegetable protein, animal protein and various food and beverages.



五、Buffer tank

 01- buffer tank  


Model: LB-600

Output: 600L

Power: 1.0kw


This machine is single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer specifications, heating, with stirring, and the third layer is heated by steam, or cold water can be used for cooling, and with stirring. This machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, polished inside and outside, and easy to clean. preservative. This scheme uses a single-layer buffer tank with stirring.

Purpose: This program uses a single-layer buffer tank with stirring. It is used for buffer storage after fine grinding, and diluted with water after fine grinding, which is convenient for the next process.


六、Screw pump

 01-screw pump




It is used for conveying milk, soy milk, fruit juice drinks and similar liquid foods. It has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, sufficient lift, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, and convenient use.


七、Enzyme inactivation tank

 01- Enzyme inactivation tank

 1:Uses and features Uses and features

This product uses steam as the heat source and has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating of materials, uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature. It is widely used in food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmacy and daily chemical industries such as candy, cakes, beverages, fruit juices, jams, preserves, dairy products and canned foods, as materials for melting, disinfection, heating, blanching, pre-cooking, and preparation , Cooking and concentration.

All food contact parts of this product are made of SUS304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, flexible use, safety and reliability, and easy maintenance.

2、Product structure

 This equipment is a series of products, mainly composed of pot body, steam intake, drainage, tilting, mixing (optional) and racks. The pot body is welded by the inner and outer pots. The inner pot body is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the outer pot body is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate and Q235B for customers to choose from. The outer pot body is welded with steam inlet baffles and condensate drain pipes. There is a discharge nozzle welded on the lower part of the outer pot of the vertical jacketed pot, and the welds of the pot body shall be inspected by nondestructive testing as required.

The steam inlet part is composed of universal joints, stop valves and pipelines. Pressure gauges and safety valves are installed on the back of the pot.

The drainage part is composed of a steam trap at the bottom of the pot and a condensate drain valve.

The tilting part is composed of turbine, worm, hand wheel and bearing seat.

The mixing part is composed of a motor, a cycloid pinwheel reducer, a bridge plate or bracket, an extension shaft, a connecting sleeve, a blade and a support seat.

The tiltable frame is composed of a bearing seat, a bracket and a tie rod.

The vertical support is pressed by steel plate and welded to the outer pot body.

3、Technical Parameters 


Capactiy (L)

Pressure (MPa)

Test pressure(MPa)

Inner diameter of pot(mm)

Depth of pot body(mm)

Whole pot height(mm)



























































八、Emulsification blending tank

01-Emulsification blending tank 

(1) Purpose

1. The machine is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, low in noise, and stable in operation. Its major feature is that it does not grind materials in production, and integrates high-speed shearing, mixing, dispersion and homogenization.

2. This series of emulsification tanks are of vertical and fully enclosed structure. The high-speed rotating shearing wheel and the static shearing wheel of the high-shear emulsifier are used in combination to fully and rapidly mix, emulsify, and homogenize the mixed liquid and mixture in the tank. quality. It is widely used in food (dairy) products, beverages, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, pigments and other industries to improve production efficiency and material quality, especially for CMC, gums and other additives that are difficult to melt. The tank structure can adopt various forms such as single layer, with heat preservation, and with jacket (heating and cooling) according to the process requirements.

(Two), working principle

1. The shearing head adopts a claw-type and two-way suction structure, which avoids the dead angle and vortex phenomenon caused by the difficulty of inhaling the upper material. The high-speed rotating rotor generates strong shearing force, which makes the shearing rate higher and the shearing force Stronger. Under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the rotor, the material is thrown into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and the rotor from the radial direction. At the same time, it is subjected to centrifugal squeezing, impact and other forces, so that the material can be fully dispersed, mixed and emulsified.

2. If it is used in a vacuum state or on a pressure vessel, the shearing machine motor support needs to be equipped with corresponding mechanical sealing devices.

(3) Structural characteristics

1. Volume: 25L~20000L series specifications (supporting high shearing machine power: 1.5KW~75KW).

2. Inner tank body: the inner surface is mirror polished.

3. Head form: Conical head, elliptical head or dish-shaped head, and the inner surface is mirror polished

4. Jacket form: full jacket, semi-circular coil jacket, honeycomb jacket (refers to jacket type structure).

5. Thermal insulation material: filled with pearl wool, rock wool or polyurethane pouring foam (refers to the structure with thermal insulation and jacket).

6. The surface treatment method of the tank body: mirror polishing or 2B primary color matt or 2B matte surface treatment.

7. Shearing speed: 2850r/min, 1400r/min.

8. Equipment configuration: quick-opening manhole, sight glass, thermometer (liquid crystal digital display or dial pointer type), CIP cleaner, material and liquid inlet and outlet, spare port, cold and heat medium inlet and outlet, etc.

9. Material: inner tank SUS304 or SUS316L; jacket is Q235-B or SUS304, outer protective shell is SUS304.

10. Container sterilization method: online steam sterilization (121℃, 0.2MPa) is available.

11. The process openings of the inlet and outlet pipes, sight mirrors, manholes, etc. and the welding of the inner tank body adopt the flanging process arc transition, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead corners, and the appearance is beautiful.


九、Sugar pot

 01-sugar pot




The sugar-melting pot can be heated by steam or electricity to complete the sugar-melting work, with a stirring motor. This machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, with simple structure and convenient use.


十、Double filter

 01-double filter




The syrup filter is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, which can filter tiny impurities in the syrup. The filter membrane is a high temperature resistant membrane, and the whole machine adopts a stainless steel frame. The filtered syrup is clear and transparent, without odor and impurities.


十一、Vacuum degassing tank

 01-Vacuum degassing tank 


Capacity:1000 g/h    

The vacuum degasser is a necessary equipment for the fruit juice production line. After the juice is homogenized, the vacuum degassing by this machine can prevent the juice from oxidation and extend the juice storage period.


十二、High pressure homogenizer

 01-High pressure homogenizer

The high-pressure homogenizer (homogeneous pump) is a special equipment for the homogenization and refinement of liquid materials and high-pressure transmission. The CGJB series of high-pressure homogenizer pumps are widely used in the production of food, dairy products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and biotechnology. Scientific research and technology development.  

To High-pressure homogenizer (homogeneous pump) applicable materials:

※Used as a high-pressure homogenizer:

·The material can be refined and mixed under the triple action of squeezing, strong impact and loss-of-pressure expansion. This equipment is an important equipment for food, dairy, beverage and other industries.

· Homogenizing all kinds of dairy beverages such as milk, soy milk, etc. under high pressure can significantly refine the fat globules in the milk liquid, making the products easy to digest and absorb after eating, and improve the value of use.  

 · Used in the production of ice cream and other products, it can improve the fineness and porosity of the material liquid, and its internal texture is obviously improved.  

·Used in the production of emulsions, glues, fruit juices, slurries, etc., it can prevent or reduce the layering of the material and liquid, improve the appearance of the material and liquid, make the color more bright, the fragrance is stronger, and the taste is more mellow. 

※Used as a high-pressure transfer pump:

·The material liquid generates high pressure through this equipment, and is made into powder through spray drying equipment, which is an important equipment in powder production.  

·This equipment can be used in the homogenization and high-pressure conveying of other materials and liquids, and high-pressure injection.  

·Compared with similar products, this equipment has the advantages of novel structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance, labor-saving installation and disassembly, safety and reliability. 


Main features:

1、 Saving energy, high efficiency, actual throughout bigger than nameplate showing, and pressure rising flowing unchanging;

2、Crushing granularity Ф0.1-2μm,average Ф≤1μm;
3、Pressure stable, pressure gauge showing swing within P<2Mpa;
4、Gap block adopted special type of metal material, hard wearing, using for long time, all valves and plunger piston adopted special type material producing, durable, low cost, save worry, save money;   
5、Honeybee material,working temperature≤150℃ is allowed;
6、Part contacting to materiel all to be unbearable strong acid and alkali, such as HNO3,NaOH≤5%,CIP sterilizing time is not limited;
7、 The machine is smooth and reliable, it needs the first time of oil changing after operating for 750 hours, and then oil changing only one time each  year in the future(according to three classes per day); low noise, driving noise is lower than electric motor noise.

 Technology parameter:

1、 Crushing grain:0.01-2μm

2、 Working temperature:≤150℃

3、 Continuous operating pressure:20/24 Mpa

4、 Power:30KW

5、 Rating flow rate:1000L/h

6、 Weight:2200 KG

7、 Outside measurement:1000X600X1000


十三、UHT Ultra-temperature sterilizer:

 01-UHT Ultra-temperature sterilizer

1)、Summarize:advanced stainless steel welding technology from abroad are adopted. Selecting the fine polished stainless steel tube, which has improved greatly comparing the former products. There are two kinds of specification: manual control and automatic control. It is suitable for the liquid material, such as fresh milk, fruit drink, wine, soybean milk and Chinese medicine, as well as stickly material (for example, sweet comdensed milk) up on completing with high-pressure homogenizer.

Main parameter:

1、 Overall dimension: 1314*925*1650mm

2、 Weight: 480kg

3、 Sterilizing temperature: 115-135 ℃

4、 Processing capacity: 2T/H

5、 Power: 9.8 kw

6、 High temperature heating time: 4 ~ 6S ;

7、 Steam consumption: <0.78MPa ;

8、 Material inlet temperature: <45 ℃(cooling tube added);

9、 Material outlet temperature: <65 ℃

10、Steam consumption: <0.15Kg/L material


十四、Aseptic storage tank

 01-Aseptic storage tank

Equipment introduction:

This equipment can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank, etc. It is suitable for food, dairy products, fruit juice beverage, pharmaceutical chemical and biological engineering and other fields. There are various volume specifications such as 50L-50000L , And can be customized according to customer requirements.

Structural features:

Adopt single-layer stainless steel structure;

All materials are sanitary stainless steel;

The structural design is extremely humane and highly maneuverable;

The transition of the inner wall of the cylinder adopts arc transition to ensure that there is no sanitary dead corner.

Tank configuration:

1. Quick opening manhole  2. Cleaning device   3. Breathing valve   

4. Thermometer  5. Liquid level gauge   6. Anti-vortex plate

The storage tank is a newly designed heating and heat preservation storage equipment. The cylinder body is composed of a cylindrical stainless steel inner tube and a jacket. The service life of glass wool is 20 times longer than that of glass wool, which is conducive to cooling and storage, so that the material can effectively control the temperature difference within 2 ℃ within 24 hours. The tank is equipped with a blade type agitator to make the material stored in the tank uniform , And equipped with a thermometer and washer, it is convenient to measure the liquid material in the cylinder and the cleaning of the cylinder liner.

Operation precautions:

1.Strictly clean and detoxify the liquid before storage.

2.After the liquid material is stored in the tank, the agitator should be turned on intermittently to stir.

3. After the material is released from the cylinder, all working surfaces, pipes, and cocks that come into contact with the material must be thoroughly cleaned, no dirt can accumulate in the dead corners, and the cylinder body should be frequently scrubbed to maintain a bright and beautiful appearance.

4.Do not wash the surface of the cylinder and the inside of the bladder with salt water to avoid corrosion of the equipment.

5.The reducer, motor, and bearings should be regularly refueled and replaced with lubricating oil.

Installation :

This equipment uses four foot bolts, adjust to the horizontal line or the discharge port is lower, and then install the inlet and outlet. When connecting to the power, pay attention to the clockwise rotation of the stirring paddle and not to reverse it.

Use and maintenance:

1.Before the storage tank is used, the tank must be cleaned with light hot water. Various materials enter the tank from the material pipe fixed on the tank cover, or open the tank cover and pour in. The input material should not be filled too full.

2. At the end of storage, drain the remaining materials in the tank, rinse with warm water as soon as possible, brush off the attached materials, and then use 75℃-80℃ alkaline water to clean the inner wall of the container, and rinse with clean water, and wait for the next use.

3. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the entire equipment and reducer. When the reducer lubricating oil is insufficient, it should be replenished and replaced every six months (40# engine oil). When the equipment is not in use, be sure to clean the inside and outside with warm water, and do not use salt water. Rinse to avoid corrosion, often scrub the cylinder body to keep the exterior clean and the inner bladder bright to achieve the purpose of durability.


十五、Pipe and valves  SUS304 Stainless steel    

 01-Pipe and valves

十六、Spray sterilization machine

 01-Spray sterilization tunnel

Main parameter:

Model: WP-5

Cooling capacity: 2000 bottles/hour (500ml, high temperature filling)

Effective cooling area: 3×1.5m2

Conveyor belt running speed: 0~1.25m/min

Cooling time: adjustable, main motor frequency conversion speed regulation circulating water volume: 10m3/h

Total power of equipment: N=5 Kw

Dimensions: 6000×1500×1500 mm

Equipment weight: 920Kg


This machine adopts a 4-stage treatment with circulating cold water cooling. The first stage of the equipment adopts a hot water spray bottle with a temperature of 74℃ and maintains it for 4~5min. The second and third stages of the cooling tower use circulating water and tap water for spray cooling; In the fourth stage, pure water is used to rinse the bottle body to prevent stains on the bottle body. The equipment is equipped with an automatic chlorination pump, which can adjust the chlorination amount according to the water supplement. The design temperature for entering the bottle is 65°C, and the temperature for leaving the bottle is lower than 40°C. This machine is composed of four parts: running chain plate, machine body, water circulation pipeline system, and electrical control system. The frequency conversion motor passes through the cycloid pin gear reducer, and then drives the active square shaft to rotate through the chain, and the sprocket on the square shaft drives the plastic chain plate to move to form a chain plate mechanism. As long as the cooled material bottle (can) enters the plastic chain plate, it will be pulled into the first cooling section by the chain plate, and automatically crowded and arranged neatly. Atomizing nozzles are arranged neatly and orderly above the cooling zone, and the spray pump is used. 1 Supply warm bottled water to raise the temperature of the bottle (tank). The cooled water flows into the lower water tank, and is sent to the cooling device by the circulating pump for cooling, for the second and third stage cooling zones to circulate for use. The pure water after spraying flows into the lower water tank, so the fourth stage cooling water does not need to enter the cooling device. The fourth tank is self-circulating. When the tank is full, water will flow into the third and second tanks. The fourth stage is a pure water spraying device, the purpose is to make the cooled bottle (can) appearance without water marks after drying. The cooling tunnel chain plate is the product of American REXNORD company. The speed of the conveyor belt is adjusted by frequency converter. All spray pipes and nozzle heads are made of stainless steel, and each nozzle sprays water evenly. The cooling tunnel water collection tank is made of stainless steel, and is equipped with high and low liquid level control and alarm functions. The spray cooling tunnel is equipped with a spray circulating water pump and a dosing pump.



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