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Carbonated beverage mixer QHS-5000

beverage mixer is developed by our company by absorbing the imported technology and combining with the actual production of aerated beverage. It has the international advanced level and is in the leading position in the domestic similar products. The mixer is suitable for mixing and processing all kinds of carbonated drinks. It can also be used for mixing and processing other drinks such as pulp drinks, fermented drinks, etc.

  • QHS-5000

  • JDY

  • 84223010

Features of the machine:

a.Excellent material selection and fine processing: all parts in contact with drinks(such as containers, pipes, etc) are made of imported 304 high-quality low-carbon stainless steel, and the internal and external surfaces are finely polished, which fully meets the requirements of international food hygiene standards.

b.Full automatic, with alarm: the pressure and liquid level in each tank of the machine are automatically adjusted, and the whole process of production operation is controlled by microcomputer(PLC). in case of failure, there will be alarm lights, alarm bells and automatic shutdown. And it is controlled by touch screen,and all action programs are displayed on the flow chart on the touch screen.

c.Easy operation and adjustment: This machine is very convenient to operate.As long as the knob is turned in turn according to the specified procedures, normal operation can be realized. Without replacing any parts, the production capacity, water, syrup ratio and gas content can be easily adjusted.

d.Even mixing and accurate proportioning: due to the advanced technology of one-time mixing, the mixing ratio of water and syrup is strictly controlled by the metering needle valve with fine adjustment, and its accuracy can reach about 5%.

Full air content and high efficiency:the mixer adopts normal temperature vacuum deoxidation, the deoxidation rate reaches more than 90%, and is equipped with plate heat exchanger to cool the sugar water mixture for secondary carbonation, so the air content is particularly high, up to 3.4-4 times.

e.Self cleaning and high cleanliness: the machine is equipped with in-situ cleaning device, which can automatically clean and disinfect the interior of the mixer and filling machine without dismantling any parts(container type pipe). The proliferation rate of bacteria per milliliter of the beverage produced by the machine is less than 5%, and Escherichia coli is zero, which meets the requirements of international food hygiene standards。

F.Using diaphragm pump, mixing evenly, stable operation。


 drink mixer



Main technical parameters

Capacity                           2000Kg/h(can be customized)

The mixture ratio was                3:1~6:1

The content of CQ2              3.5~4.1 

The accuracy of mixing ratio       0.05BVX

Air pressure                         0.6~1Mpa

The pressure of CO2 supply        0.8~1Mpa

The pressure of purified water       0.1~0.2Mpa

Mixing temperature               <4℃

Total power                   10.5KW

Overall dimension                2200×1400×2500mm

Total weight                  2000KG




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